Tamaris women’s footwear range consists of a variety of products to suit all styles and needs. Whether you are looking for high heel to dance the night away in, or comfortable flats to work all day in – you can find footwear to suit from Tamaris. They not only concentrate on producing some exciting and innovative designs, but also focus on making shoes that will exceed the expectations of comfort. Tamaris shoes have developed their own technology called ‘Anti-Shokk’ which they utilise in many of their heeled shoes to provide comfort and to absorb shock during wear. This has become a key component and a unique selling point for Tamaris and the Wortmann- Group as it has been patented so only Wortmann companies can use this technology.

Tamaris women’s shoes that contain ‘Anti-Shokk’ have gained a cult following, with many women choosing these over other styles due to the extra comfort and shock absorption. Women who like shoes which have different styling, attention to detail and trim and are quality conscious should definitely be looking to the Tamaris women’s shoe range for their footwear needs.

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